Most beautiful universities in the world

The are hundreds of very beautiful universities around the world. Here’s a 10 of the most beautiful universities  in the world.

1.University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is Public research university located in Cambridge,United was founded in 1209 and University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world.Over 19000 students are studying in this university.According to the World University Rankings 2015-2016 Cambridge university is the 4th ranked university from all around the world.

Beauty of the University of Cambridge (image

2.University of Virginia

University of Virginia is a  public research and flagship type university in Virginia, United States.This university was established in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson(3rd President of the United States) .Currently over 20000 students are studying in this university.This university is a one of the universities that designed according to Neoclassical architectural style.

University of Virginia (Image source:

3.University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town is a university located in Cape Town, South Africa and it is a public research university. It was founded in 1829 as South African College. And it is the oldest higher education institute in South Africa. It ranks as the 148 th of the world and 1st in South Africa. over 26000 students are studying in here by now.

University of Capetown (Image source:

4.Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university located in California, United States.It was founded by Jane Stanford in 1891.Currently over 16000 students are studying here.This university is managing by the Stanford Management Company.Stanford University is one of the largest universities in United States.

Stanford University (Image source:

5.Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is a public university in British Columbia.It was established as Royal Roads Military College in 1995.The university’s main building is a old castle and it gives a proud look to the university.

Royal Roads University (Image Source:

6.Harvard University 

Harvard University is a private research university located Massachusetts, United States.Havard was established in 1636.Currently 21,000 students are studying here.Famous Mark Zuckerberg(Founder of Facebook) and Barack Obama were alumni of this university.Also  eight U.S. presidents and 62 living billionaires are include in this university’s alumni.

Harvard University (Image Source:

7.University of Otago

University of Otago is New Zealand public university located in  Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.This was founded in 1869.It is the oldest university in New Zealand.Over 20000 students are currently studying here.

University of Otago (Image source:

8.Xiamen University

Xiamen University is a Chinese  National university located in  Xiamen, Fujian, China.It was founded in  1921 and this university was formerly known as Amoy University.Over 28000 students are currently studying here.

Xiamen University (Image source;

9.Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a Danish public university located in  Aarhus, Denmark. it was founded in 1928 and it is the second oldest university in Denmark.

Aarhus University (image source:

10.University Of Peradeniya

University of Peradeniya is Sri Lankan Public University located in Peradeniya Sri Lanka.It was founded in 1942 as University of Ceylon and renamed as University of Peradeniya in 1978.Over 11000 students are currently studying here.And this university is one of most beautiful universities around the world.But unfortunately most of people don’t know about this beautiful university.

University Of Peradeniya (Image source:

University Of Peradeniya (Image source: Pinterest)

38 thoughts on “Most beautiful universities in the world

      1. W. N. Ananda - Curator Universit of Peradeniya

        Proud to know that because we are the people who maintain the beauty of the University.

        1. Lakshaman Bandaranayake

          Congratulations Mr Ananda. You guys are doing wonderful job- preserving the beauty of our much beloved university, Could you please send a mail to I would like to meet you during my next visit to Kandy/Peradeniya. I graduated from Science Faculty in 83. Good day.

  1. Gayan

    one of most beautiful universities around the world.But unfortunately most of people don’t know about this beautiful university.#true

  2. Dr. Parakrama Gurusinghe

    I agree that Peradeniya University is one of the most beautiful. However, recent ( as last 20 years) neglect has deteriorated the standards. We were the last students to have special lunch served on every SUNDAY. All of us were served by staff and all cutleray and crockery. Standards of education may be acceptable, but noe sure.

  3. Noble

    Fully agree that Uni of Peradeniya is one of the best in the world. Good to see that it is within the first ten most beautiful

  4. Badra Rodrigo

    Proud to be an alumni of the Peradeniya Uni in Sri Lanka .It was spectacular 60 years ago and still remains so despite a lot of changes over time

  5. Chamalie Gunadasa

    Glad that Prradeniya campus is also listed among. the modt beautiful universities of the world …….👏

  6. Priyanthi Fernando

    Would not credit the rating if it did not make it to the top10! So privileged to have spent 4 years of my life in this beautiful place!

  7. Fahad

    My heart brimmed over when I selected this glamorous university. This is the place where our rest of the life can be happiest,and also I’m pleased with this 10th rank

  8. Niroshini

    I think this post was created by a Sri Lankan, bcos anyone who is sane, knows University of Peradeniya is a third-class University of a third-world country..

    1. Lakshaman Bandaranayake

      Probably so, created by a Sri lanka.
      I have seen many universities in many countries, including all Ivy leagues as weel in the US. Peradeniya is certainly more beautiful that Harvard.

      Peradeniya may be a third class university from a third world country (BTW please note third world country is no longer used in the 21st century) this post is about the beauty of the campus. If you have never visited Peradeniya, may i invite you to do so March -May period when the tress are blossoming with vibrant colors.

      Good day to you.

      Lakshaman Bandaranayake
      Class of 1983/84

  9. Emil

    University of Peradeniya is definitely one of them. But couple of the universities are missing from the list.
    University of British Columbia and St.Andrew’s University.

  10. Sunila

    So proud to know that our University of Peradeniya is in the list. When my 2 elder sisters were studying there I experienced the beauty of the university which motivated me to enter. I’m so lucky to spend my university life in that beautiful place.

  11. Daya Tennekoon

    Most old Universities r beautiful.
    Modern Universities r only concrete
    Out of all Peradeniya is the best to me.

  12. Prematilake Serasinghe.

    Lucky and Happy to be a student for four years in 1960 under prestigious Proffessors at University of Ceylon, Peradeniya.

  13. Leelanath Daluwatte

    I studied at the Moratuwa University, but visited Peradeniya University in each of the four years – for sports etc- and I simply fell in love with its beauty…it’s so beautiful and out of the world. I still enjoy, even when I pass the Uni, last being June this year.

  14. florida town

    You somehow missed Simon Fraser University, perched on a hilltop in Burnaby, B.C., overlooking the Inlet, looking across to the mountains, and full of lovely spaces.

  15. florida town

    You somehow overlooked Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, B.C. It is a spectacular sight, perched on the top of Burnaby Mountain, overlooking the Inlet and across to the mountains.

  16. Anver Dole

    Peradeniya University is awesomely beautiful! The lush virgin greenery & the riot of colour of the varied species of flowers is hard to match. The time I spent from 1963-1967 doing an Hons. degree in Chemistry with Mathematics as subsidiary, is truly sublime!!

  17. Mahinda Katugaha

    The beauty of a place changes over time. The beauty of Peradeniya University may not have been admired at the time we were there. As time passes the beauty is valued more and
    more. As the plants grow and new building arrive the skyline changes and appearance become different. An important factor is the occupants and their behavior towards the overall value of the university, I feel proud to have remained in the university since 1963 and the years from the time of its construction until now and visiting its premises at-least once a year, that our years were the best. The First VC Sir Ivor Jennings and Architect de Alwis deserve praise for their wisdom and design for ever!

  18. Sarath De Silva

    I am happy that it is still one of the best Universities. However, I am disappointed by the rating. In 1958, it would have got a very much higher rating. Several years after leaving the University, I visited it in 1980 with my kids and was not pleased with the way it was maintained. The natural setting is always great but it needs better upkeep.

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