How to choose a travel insurance policy

What is travel insurance policy

Travel insurance policy is a insurance policy that covers your trip cancellation,lost luggage, medical expenses for unexpected medical emergencies and your gears when you are traveling in local or abroad.

There are some differences of coverage depending on The plan you choose and the insurance company you purchase with.

Some policies offer higher lower medical expense options,and the higher option is for the countries that have high medical costs.

Here are some important things you should know about purchasing a travel insurance policy. 

Many policies are not paying for something happens to you while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Most policies don’t cover Pre-existing medical conditions,Sport and adventure activities with a high risk and when you are traveling to high-risk countries.

Always be aware with the conditions and the requirements that you need to complete  to get a claim.

This is the most important part don’t break policy rules,otherwise you will be not able to get a claim.

Travel insurance policies will have exclusions they won’t cover you like Acts of war, terrorism,natural disasters,Severe weather conditions so choose a travel insurance policy with the least exclusions.

Choose the most suitable plan from annual policy and single trip cover.If you are going to travel several trips within a one year i recommend you to select multi-trip policy that covers you in your all trips and it will be more cost effective for you.

Don’t chase the cheap travel insurance policies. because when its getting cheaper you will not having good coverage from it.

If you are covering your gears make sure that  per-item value limit is high enough to cover your gear.otherwise choose a policy that allows you to increase the  per-item limit.

Finally use your thinking and choose the right policy you want.


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